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UV Drying Machine

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    UV Drying Machine

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    PS-750 UV Drying Machine suitable for the ultraviolet(UV) printing ink 

    photo-curing and drop rubber and surface hard treatment.


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UV Drying Machine Main Configuration

1. TECO adjustable motor ensure reliable and stable operation.

2. Adopt low consumption and large power magnetic leakage

varying voltage power and GE UV lamp for making sure stable light output.

3. High effective heat elimination aluminium casting reflector

and USA high photo spot baffle-board for fast drying.

4. Imported air discharge fan, equipped with quartz glass resisting infrared ray

and UV ray, effective control material surface temperature prevent from distoring.

5. USA TEFLON web belt, smoothly running, non-shaking, making sure of high printing quality.

6. This machine also could be made per customer special requirements.

Such as PCB material, we could install circulation air drainage system

and keep temperature around 60 centigrade.

UV Drying Machine Features

1. Imported US TEFLON web belt or stainless steel web belt, stable transmission speed and adjustable.

2. 2 UV lamps installed on machine, u could turn on lamps according to your own needs.

3. Fast dry for making sure printing surface hard and friction-resisting.

4. Tunnel structure ensure opaque property and harmless.

5. Equip with induced-draft fan system and air channel for keeping printing staff on web belt.

6. Convenient for connecting with production line and other equipments.








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