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Label Curing Oven

  • Product:
    Label Curing Oven

  • Model Number:
    PSO9073 Curing Oven

  • Description:

    PSO9073 Label Curing Oven is the item of oven for care label drying. Ideal for curing printed labels color fastness with perfect air circulation and constant temperature control. On requiring for drying all garmentwash carel labels like satin, ribbon, taffeta and etc, PSO9073 Curing Oven will be the best choice.


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Features of Curing Oven

1. Double layer inside oven room.

2. Keep 70 Rolls printed label inside in generally.

3. PSO9073 is standard size. Bigger size also available.

4. Ribbon, Taffeta, Polyester , 5 hours in 120℃

5. Adhesive tape, 4 hours in 100℃

6. If you have high request on color fastness, please add curing agent in ink while printing.


Inside Dimension 550L*450W*550H mm
Temperature Range 50~150℃
Power/Output 220v/1000w
Size 700L*650W*900H mm
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