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Heat-compress Printing Machine

  • Product:
    Heat-compress Printing Machine

  • Model Number:
    PSH-3040H Heat-compress Printing Machine

  • Description:

    Suitable range:

    1. Household appliance industry, such as electric cooker,

    washing machine, microwave oven,air conditioner, refrigerator and so on .

    2. Electronic industry :The surface of MP3, MP4,

    calculator,VCD,DVD,digital cameral and so on .

    3. Automobile industry :automobile instrument disc ,

    air conditioner faceplate ,outer covering of car light, symbol and so on .

    4. Computer industry :keyboard,mouse ,envelope and so on.

    5. Communication industry: mobile keystrokemobile glasses,

    mobile shell, telephone faceplate and so on.

    6. Others: medical equipment, cosmetics box,

    declaration box, toy, sport and entertainment articles.



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1. Its design takes safety in production as the guiding ideology, high sensitive

correlation diffraction grading safety system, accurate safekeeping security function for operator,

thus the enhancement efficiency and does not reduce the nondefective rate.

2. Completely automatic controls, Japan NAIS FPI PLC control, both manual and

automatic control, Mold anti-collision protection, temperature automatic control as well as pressure protection.

3. Japan PID intelligence digital screen heating system.

4. Preheating and pressure keep time could be set upon different needs.

5. Infrared dryer.


Model PSH-3040H PSH-4560H
Volume (L)1421x(w)750x(H)1905mm (L)1421x(w)750x(H)1905mm
Weight 1000kg 1000kg
Work pressure 58kg/ 58kg/
Effective work size 300x400mm 450x600mm
Power 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Total power 3.5KW 6kw
Temperature range Normal temperature350℃ Normal temperature350℃

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