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Silk Screen Printing Press

  • Product:
    Silk Screen Printing Press

  • Model Number:
    PSS1280 Silk Screen Printing Press

  • Description:

    Silk Screen Printing Press PSS1280 also named as Sheet to Sheet Silk Screen Printing Press, which is applicable for EL cold-light lamp, refrigerator glasses printing, stainless steel, ceramic decal, electronic, adhesive paper, PCB, PC, PVC, PET and etc. Large screen printing area, larger size also available from us. Multi colors only required repeating with accurate color registration. Welcome to consult us for Silk Screen Printing Press.


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* Adopt roller line guide rail, coordinate velocity modulation motor transmission, insure printing stable and accuracy.

* Shaving knife pressure and printing speed adjustable, guarantees printing quality.

* The aerosol like shaving knife system causes printing to be evener.

* Venire arrangement which between the PCB board and the silk screen aims.

* Regardless of the odd and surface may distinguish adjust tests when size not 800*1200mm.

* Automatic realization printing flow, cause quality to be more stable and efficiency.

Main Configuration

* Germany ABBA direct track.

* Taiwan frequency converter is adopted for ascending or descending. Running is stable, reliable and smooth.

* Printing cylinder adopts Korea PMC cylinder which could adjust the pressure of the printing tool and ink tool.

* Programmable controller is MITSUBISHI FX series. Relay is OMRON and current contactor is SCHEIDER.

* Printing motor adopts Taiwan frequency converter for constant torsion output to ensure no ink lines on printing staff.


Model PSS-1280
Biggest Printer Area 800*1200MM
Plate Size 950*1500MM
Printing Thickness 30MM
Printing Speed 500~900 Cycle/Hour
Power 380V/2.5KW

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