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Screen Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)

  • Product:
    Screen Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)

  • Model Number:
    PSS320 Screen Printing Machine

  • Description:

    PSS320 Screen Printing Machine is Roll to Roll type Screen Printing Machine, which is applicable for printing various kinds of materials such as PTT, PVC, transfer paper, membrane, circuit board, telephone keystroke, membrane switch, non woven fabrics, logo, adhesive label, aluminum foil, copper foil and other role materials. Large screen printing area, large size also available from us. Welcome write us with your requirements for Screen Printing Machine.


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Screen Printing Machine Features

1.Touch screen operation , convenient and easy operation.

2. Computer controlling , with automatic electric eye tracking and positioning, high precision repeating positioning . Accurate repeat positionning many times for multi-colors, .

3. Speed adjustable, counter for automatic stop after printing numbers setting .

4. Adopt precision liner slide rail and roller ball pylori. Drying by servo motor.

5. Convenient for maintaining screen and squeegee.

6. Automatic slow down when roll material size bigger.

7. IR hot pressure drying system, central heat source, hot air circulation for ensuring printings dried in good condition.

Screen Printing Machine Configuration:

electrostatic eliminating device , ensuring printing no dust and precision.

Specification of drying oven:

1. TECO motor.

2. Frequency speeder conversion adapt to different printing speed accurately.

3. Imported photoelectric switch is automatically adapt to machine speed.

4. Adopt electrostatic spraying and painting, solvent -resistance.

5. Dried in low temperature to make the printing material from shrinking and deforming , which is good for multi-color printing.

6. Can install automatic laminating device. Laminating with light membrane, double-side adhesive , release paper ,drying by one time.


Model PSS-320 PSS-420
Printing size 300 x 300 mm2 400 x 500 mm2
Screens frame size 450 x 550 mm2 500 x 750 mm2
Printing bedplate size 360 x 450 mm2 460 x 650 mm2
Max. printing material width 320mm 420mm
Winding/unwinding material diameter 500mm 650mm
Core of material 75mm 75mm
Printing speed 4200 cycle/h 3500 cycle/h
Printing accuracy 0.002mm 0.002mm
Pressure of compressed air 0 6~8kg/cm2
Squeegee servo motor 0 0.75Kw
Pulling servo motor 1Kw 1Kw
Power 220v/2.2kw 220v/2.5kw
Machinery size 2300 x 800 x 1600mm 2800 x 1100 x 1600mm
Machinery weight 750kg 1500kg

8. Customer special requests also available.

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