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Stack Type Adhesive Label Printing Machine

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    Stack Type Adhesive Label Printing Machine

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    Stack Type Adhesive Label Printing Machine PSA320  belongs to flexo label printing machine, which is for printing labels like roll material, PET, PVC, PP and etc adhesive labels. PSA320 Stack type adhesive label printing machine contains Laminating and rewinding completed in one time. It is an ideal label printing machine for printing trade in voice and top-grade adhesive labels.


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Features of Stack Type Adhesive Label Printing Machine PSA320

1. Ceramic Anolox Cylinder for ink transfering system.

2. 360 degree plate-adjustment for each print unit.

3. IR or UV dryer for optional basing on different printing materials.

4. Wind and Rewind device are controlled by magnetic power brake cluch , Mitsubishi Tension controller made in Japan.

5. Separated Printing rollers and ink rollers for keep running when machine stops.

6. Die cutting unit for label die cutting after printing, all process finish on one line.

7. Main motor adopts frequency conversion for controlling speed.

8. It is roll to roll type printing machine with print, light, drying, laminating, die cutting, rewinding all finished in one process.

9. Especially when printing trade invoice and top grade adhesive labels, this machine will be the ideal choice.


Printing Speed(Max) 50m/min
Printing Color 5colors
Max Width Paper 320mm
Max Printing Width 310mm
Max Unwinding Diameter 600mm
Max Rewinding Diameter 600mm
Printing Length 175-320mm
Precision of Chromatography +/_0.1mm
Dimensions 2*1.1*2.6M
Machine Weight 2T
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