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Self Adhesive Label Flexo Printing Machine

  • Product:
    Self Adhesive Label Flexo Printing Machine

  • Model Number:
    PSA200 Flexo Printing Machine

  • Description:

    5 Color Self Adhesive Flexo Printing Machine all UV also named Flexographic Label Printing Machine. PSA200 Flexograhic press is suitable for printing pharaceutical, food packaging products with environmental friendly designed. Nowdays, offset printing and gravure printing machine are not competitive with flexo printing with UV ink. Standard accessory with our adhesive flexo label printing machine: winder and rewinder, web-tension control, lamination, rotary die cutting device, UV or IR dryer, water chilling system. Waterbased ink or solvent based ink all available for our flexo printing machine.


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* 5 UV+UV dryer, UV ink. Rotary die cutting and laminating device.Auto discharge.

* *Feeder Paper and Rewinder Paper: Tension Control System.

*Ceramic Anolog Cylinder: 4pcs 800lpi+1pc400lpi

(other standard sizes also available according to your needs.)

*Printing Cylinder Components: 3 sets(including cylinder, gears and axis),

Totally 12pcs Plate Cylinder(Specification: 200~300mm optional, refers to attachments)

*UV Light Roller: 3 sets(including gears), specification is the same as

plate cylinder ranges from 200~300mm optional.

*Die-cut device: 1pc Magnetic roller and 1pc Rotary die-cutter

(specification also ranges from 200~300mm as attached list)

*Dry system: 5 Infrared hot drying system + 5 UV Solidify system


Max. Material Width 200mm
Max. Printing Width 180mm
Max. Printing Length 300mm
Min. Printing Length 200mm
Max. Printing Speed 60m/min
Analog Cylinder 400lpi/800lpi per spare inch(laminating)
Voltage/ Power 380V/8.4KW(Include 3KW UV)
Weight 3T
Size 2800*1100*2000mm
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