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4 Color Desktop Printing Machine

  • Product:
    4 Color Desktop Printing Machine

  • Model Number:
    PSO460C 4 Color Desktop Printing Machine

  • Description:

    PSO460C 4 Color Desktop Printing Machine also named as 4 Color Automatic Desktop Label Printing Machine, which can print the materials like nylon taffeta and polyester satin. This printing machine is Economic power consumption 220v/0.6kw with stability, quiet and high efficiency operation.PSO460C Desktop printer is the most durable and reliable printing press. Welcome to write us for 4 Color Desktop Printing Machine.


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Print Ink: offset ink

Polymer Resin Plate


Model PSO-460 PSO-460C
Max. Printing Width 70mm 70mm
Max. Printing length 140mm 140mm
Printed speed 50-5000imp/h 50-5000imp/h
Printed color 4 colors 4 colors
Adhesive paper trace Yes Yes
Label cut No Yes
Power/ voltage 0.6kw/220v 0.6kw/220v
Size 900*450*500mm 900*450*500mm
Weight 220kg 220kg

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