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Ribbon and Tape Hot Cutting Machines

  • Product:
    Ribbon and Tape Hot Cutting Machines

  • Model Number:
    PSL3010 Ribbon and Tape Hot Cutting Machines

  • Description:

    Ribbon and Tape Hot Cutting Machines is hot and cold ribbon and tape hot cutting machine, PSL3010 combines double functions for cutting all kinds of garment washing care labels like taffeta, ribbon, polyester, satin and etc. Sensor for tracking cutting position. Touch control boarding. Automatic ribbon and tape hot cutting machine.


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Features of Automatic Hot and Cold Label Cutting Machine

1. Max.Cutting Width: 10-100mm

2. Cutting Speed: 200 times/ Min

3. Servo Motor and Anti-static

4. Hot cut edge is not soft enough as ultrasonic cut.

5. Cold cut is suitable for nylon taffeta labels.

6. The hot cutter is for polyester satin labels and woven labels etc.

7. The length set from 10 to 1000mm.

8. Discharge function make cutting easy for waste label on every cycle printed by Rotary Label Printing Machine.


Cutting Length:10-1000mm

Cutting width: 10-100mm

Wooden case: 840*400*430mm

Machine Size: 800*340*400mm

Power/ voltage: 220v/0.5kw

GW/NW: 50KG/30KG

Cutting speed 200P/min(when length 50mm)

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