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Label Printing Equipment (Flexographic Printing Equipment)

  • Product:
    Label Printing Equipment (Flexographic Printing Equipment)

  • Model Number:
    PSA200 Label Printing Equipment

  • Description:

    Label Printing Equipment (Flexographic Printing Equipment), use Flexo plate, waterbased ink or solvent based ink. Our Flexopraphic label printing equipment is suitable for printing pharmaceutical labels, food packaging, wine labels all materials and labels with environmental feature. Since nowdays offset printing and gravure printing equipments not competitive with flexographic label printing equipment due to more and more users consider the environmtal factor. Welcome to write us for Label Printing Equipment.


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Applications and Optional Device of Label Printing Equipment (Flexographic Printing Equipment)

1. Printing Material: thickness around 75~ 250g/㎡

2. Corona Treatment: Optional for plastic materials like Bopp, PVC, PET and etc.

3. Stroboscope Image: Installed on machine for counting numbers of printed labels electronically and monitoring each labels quality.


1. UV or IR device for optional.

2. Rotary die cutting unit, lamination device, winder and rewinder device, auto discharge.

3. Feeder and rewinder paper with Tension control system.

4. High quality ceramic anilox with 800DPI or 400DPI for optional basing on customer own needs.

5. Standard offering 3 sets printing cylinder and gears.

6. Die cutting device with magnetic cylinder 1 set.

7. Fuji Frequency made in Japan; Mitsubishi tension controller made in Japan, Ceramic anilox adopt Germany Technical, UK UV lamps.

8. Resin plate or laser plate, but recommend flexo plate which is environmental especially suitable for food and medicne label printing industry.

9. Flexible changing cylinder size, high speed at 60 meters/ min.


Max. Material Width 210mm
Max. Printing Width 200mm
Max. Printing Length 340mm
Min. Printing Length 170mm
Max. Printing Speed 60m/min
Analog Cylinder 400lpi/800lpi per spare inch(laminating)
Voltage/ Power 380V/8.4KW(Include 3KW UV)
Weight 3T
Size 2800*1100*2000mm
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