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ETI releases new flexo printing station

2014-12-15 03:16:50

ETI has released a fearless flexo printing station.ETI Converting Equipment, a manufacturer of inline printing and coating equipment, has developed a fully servo-driven gearless flexo printing station using a sleeve system.

Servo drives are located on each print head, providing automatic register control. The anilox roll, the sleeve cylinder and the impression cylinder are independently servo-driven to obtain automatic registration without changing the web tension.
This module has been designed for precise registration, even on thin film. The press, equipped with this station, can run at speeds of up to 750 ft/min (220 m/min.). Its ergonomic shape also allows for quick changeover and easy operator use.
The new flexo sleeve is available in 20” (520 mm), 22” (570 mm) and 26” (670 mm).