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GPO Reports Three-Year Decline in EEO Complaints

2012-11-03 21:44:15

WASHINGTON-The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for its workforce and creating a discrimination-free work environment.  The agency has implemented a variety of measures to reduce the number of EEO complaints filed by employees.  As a result, there were 27 formal EEO complaints filed at GPO in FY 2012 compared with 34 in FY 2011, 53 in FY 2010, and 84 in FY 2009, representing a three-year decline of 68%.

Diversity in the workplace and minimizing and resolving EEO complaints is an ongoing commitment of the agency's Strategic Plan.  GPO's EEO office promotes initiatives and events that bring together employees to recognize GPO's diversity.  GPO's EEO office provides counseling sessions and educational seminars on EEO-related issues and welcomes feedback in order to improve their services and GPO's workplace environment.  In addition to those efforts, GPO takes proactive measures to address issues at the lowest possible levels.