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Custom Food Label Stickers & Their Color Meanings

2012-10-24 21:06:09

I can’t say it enough that Lightning Labels customers always make wonderful product labels! This week I’m particularly impressed by the custom food labels that I’ve come across digging around in our photo archives. I’ve selected six custom food labels that utilize color (or lack thereof) in noteworthy ways to brand their product.
Custom food label stickers are designed to attract their target customers, which is why color choice is key. Colors come with emotional baggage or, in other words, color meaning. For instance, blue evokes reliability, security, and or trustworthiness, whereas red suggests energy, passion, and or aggression. When designing your custom food labels, I beg you to take color choice into consideration. Colors bring to mind different feelings and emotions for lots of people and, depending on your branding tone, you will want to be well aware of color meaning.