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New business launched to provide ‘complete packaging package’

2012-10-15 19:49:03

Studio404, a specialized graphics studio for the packaging design industry, was officially launched on October 4, 2012, during the Packaging Innovations exhibition, London. It will use the latest technology to take packaging designs from creative concepts to tangible, practical engineered products.
Although a new business, Studio404’s roots lie with Apex Cylinders, a long established business in the gravure cylinder manufacturing market in the UK.
‘Studio404 was originally the in-house graphics design division of Apex Cylinders,’ explained technical director Allan Bendall. ‘In recent years we have experienced ever increasing demand for a range of stand-alone packaging development services from brand owners and from creative services companies and it is this demand that has given us the impetus to establish Studio404 as an independent business.’
Bendall continued: ‘We’ve invested heavily in the very latest technology to produce innovative and consistent artwork, reprographic separation, color management and 3D packaging mock-ups. Our clients made it clear that they wanted to have a single point of contact for all of these services delivered by consultants, experienced professionals who actually engage in the development process and advise them on the best methods and solutions. As a result we seek to establish long-term relationships with brand owners by advising them at this level and becoming an intrinsic component of their development team. One area where this particularly pays dividends is in taking an established design and extending it to a family of products, which is something we have done very successfully indeed. This value added consultancy from retained knowledge and experience is the ethos that underpins our entire operation.’
Studio404 works to create a product as aesthetically close to a client’s creative concept as possible, but which is also designed and engineered to make it cost effective to produce and effective in terms of delivering the product in the best possible condition.