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What if you could deliver your product to your customer the moment it was manufactured? What if your

2012-10-09 20:59:16

Two years after introducing our online brand,, we’ve listened to our readers and developed a print version of the magazine.
We will be launching at the much-anticipated Independent Hotel 12 trade exhibition on the 16 and 17 October.
The Hotel Industry brand has always had the same core mission at its heart: to provide actionable intelligence for hoteliers – and our quarterly print edition will continue to deliver on this.
But, the print magazine is a more distilled version of our online mission. Every feature is designed for you to benchmark, strategise and build your hotel business. My rule of thumb is “if you can’t action the content, it doesn’t go in!”
To achieve this, we’ve been busy partnering and interviewing industry experts; after all, who really cares what a hospitality journalist has to say? Our job is to ask the right people the right questions.
Therefore, in this issue you will find Ufi Ibrahim (Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association) setting her priorities for the hotel sector in 2013, our data partner, Euromonitor International, reviewing how the UK market is benchmarking against Europe in the continuing crisis, and business-critical advice from our “Leading Light”, David Guile (CEO, Macdonald Hotels and Resorts).
Loyal readers of will also be pleased to see some of our expert columnists joining the print edition: Caroline Cooper, Conor Kenny and Ioannis S Pantelidis.
These people are the real industry experts; not journalists. Our job is simply to connect them with you through business-transforming features!
In a nutshell, Hotel Industry Magazine is designed to transform how you and your hotel perform in this competitive sector.
Why else should a hotel business magazine exist?